Reception desks, nurse stations, storage solutions, bed heads and interiors… no-one knows the unique needs of the global healthcare industry better than Receptek. On the face of it, Embrace is an innovative balance of great design, superb function and practicality. However it goes much deeper than this. Embrace is the result of constantly challenging the concepts, materials and practices in global healthcare environments. It’s about getting inside your brief to explore what you really want, asking the right questions and steering you towards the answers we need to deliver the optimum patient and staff experience.


From complete hospital refurbishments to ‘one off’ tailored solutions for individual wards or departments, Receptek is a recognised innovator and leader in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke and modular healthcare furniture. Across the world healthcare providers are quickly discovering that, by taking into account the whole picture, they can bring real improvements to everyone involved – staff, management and patients. In such a challenging market things are never static and we are constantly learning. Who knows what the future looks like? One thing we do know is that the future is our mission and our mission is the future.


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