“Please report to HQ”. “Yes Sir”. This product commands respect, and rightly so! Aside from its ability to provide the ‘centre point’ in any environment, this product provides the specifier with huge flexibility of design. As with most of our so called modular products HQ is only presented in module form for the purpose of design and is offered only in Solid Surface (Corian) so as to maintain the seamless flow that is such an intrinsic part of the design.

Designers Comment: 

“Solid Surface (Corian) has provided designers with great creativity over the last few years with the likes of the late Zaha Hadid pushing the boundary’s with some extraordinary ideas. However, these ‘one off’ works of art come with a premium price tag. HQ offers a huge degree of design flexibility whilst retaining a firm hold on the costs. What a delight”


• Solid Surface Material (Corian)

3D Visuals: Receptek offer a 3D visualisation service free of charge. Just send a sketch or layout drawing to [email protected]