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The Link – Old St London


Main Reception Desk


  • Blackened Mild Steel (Leather Inlay)
  • Solid Surface Material (Corian)


Receptek worked with projects Architects Alford Hall Monaghan Morris to deliver what is an outstanding article of furniture. The concept was to create a Reception desk 7.2 meters long that looked like an oversized I-beam. The final product has not deviated from this concept with the final result being just that, a 7.2 meter long blackened steel I-beam complete with leather inlay and integral cable management.


“From the outset we knew that we were on the cusp of a brilliant new Reception desk design idea. Holding this objective firmly in our minds we overcame numerous obstacles along the way until finally delivering the desired result. Making a statement in an understated way is the quest of every designer. I have designed over 4000 reception desks in the last 10 years and this is our biggest statement yet.”

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